1) The Authority will permit the use of water meters to measure water consumed which does not enter the Authority sewer system, and is not polluted water, upon any premise within the service area. The charges for sewage service will be adjusted to exempt from billing that water that does not enter the sewer system, and eventually undergo treatment at the Authority Sewage Treatment Plant.

2) All persons desiring to use a sewage deduction meter will be required to submit an application to the Manager requesting permission to install said meter. The application shall be upon forms furnished by the Authority and shall include the following:

(a) A statement of the use of the water which is intended to be exempted, and the method and location of discharge of water to be exempted, from the premises under consideration.
(b) A plan of the water piping and drainage piping on the premises under consideration, including any proposed changes in piping to meet the requirements for exemption. The plan shall show specifically the proposed location of the water meter to be used, which location shall be subject to the approval of the Authority, as a part of granting the use of an exemption meter.
(c) The make, type, and size of the meter to be furnished, together with meter spuds capable of using seal wire as a part of the installation. The name of the vendor proposing to furnish the meter shall be included. All meters shall be straight reading US gallon meters with a ten gallon sweep hand. The Authority may require a certified volumetric flow accuracy test on any meter prior to its installation and approval.
(d) All piping arrangements shall be such that the water measured by the exemption meter shall be water that does not go into the Authority sewer system. Under no condition will the Authority allow the measurement of water which does go into the sewer system to be metered separately under these provisions of the rules and regulations.
(e) Only one exemption water meter per water service account shall be permitted for use under these provisions of the rules and regulations.
(f) Only one outside faucet for watering gardens and/or washing automobiles will be approved under this program.

3) Upon approval of the application by the Authority, the applicant will be notified in writing by the Authority that he may proceed with the installation of facilities in accordance with the information included in his approved application, upon completion of the installation, the applicant shall notify the Authority, and an inspection of the completed facility arrangement shall be made by the Authority. If approval is granted, the Authority will initiate a sewage exemption account for the premises.

(a) The Authority will read the exemption meter prior to each billing of the sewage account. The amount of water passing through the meter during this applicable billing period shall be deducted from the total water usage on the property, and the sewage service charges shall be computed upon the adjusted water consumption in accordance with the then current rules and regulations of the Authority for computing said charges.

(b) All costs and expenses for the installation, equipment, and maintenance of facilities for providing an exemption meter shall be borne by the applicant.

(c) Any misuse of the exemption meter or piping, or changes to the piping arrangements submitted to the Authority in the application for exemption, without first notifying the Authority shall invalidate the exemption account, until such time as the Authority is satisfied that the piping arrangements have been corrected, and that the applicant has paid the Authority for all exemption credits improperly issued to the applicant by reason of said misuse or changes.

(d) For other users who utilize some process or system by reason of which water is used and some or all of the water does not enter the Authority sewage system and an exemption meter cannot be installed to measure such volume, the Manager may approve a percentage or flat rate exemption for such user provided, however, that the Authority’s engineers approve the system or method of calculating such exemption.

(e)A one time credit shall be allowed to the owner of a swimming pool who can establish to the satisfaction to the Authority Manager, based upon the manufacturer’s or installer’s certification, of the volume of water contained in the pool an exemption for the initial filling of the pool.

4) The meter readings will be made on commercial and industrial establishments quarterly, on residences semi-annually, and credits given accordingly.